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Computer Tote

Our East Anglia Race Nights use the latest in technology with our computerised tote system every bet placed gets a indvidual printed ticket!

This makes your tote quicker, more accurate, more customisable and more secure than ever. We can enter custom horse names and race names into our system, which appear on the betting receipts, which makes sponsoring a race much more lucrative for sponsors.

Our operators can process bets on the computer in a couple of seconds, from the customer approaching the tote desk, to them walking away with a fully printed ticket in their hands detailing exactly how much they have bet on which horses. Each ticket has a unique serial number and we can see in seconds how many tickets have been sold and the system uses this to make sure no ticket is paid out twice.

Please note our staff will operate the computer tote system to print the tickets if required, however we do reccomend that at least 1 volunteer is supplied by you to take the bets and make the payouts.

East Anglia Race Nights Computer Tote
East Anglia Race Nights, A Night at the races

When The Tote Is closed, The Calculations Are Made Instantly

When the tote is closed, the calculations are made instantly and the East Anglia Race Nights compere can then advise how much will be paid out for each horse and which horses were most popular, After the race the tote is opened for the winners to recieve their payout and we start again with the next race.

At the end of the evening printouts are made for the organiser which detail exactly how much money was taken and what profit they have made for their chairity.

Choose East Anglia Race Nights as your preferred supplier for compered race nights we cover Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and London.